integrated sub-sytsems

94GHz Integrated Sub-systems

The Tucana range of sub-systems are complete transceiver units at millimetre wave frequencies with built in phase array beam scanning or fixed antenna. There are two systems available; tailored for Gb/s communications or high definition radar. The systems have built-in millimetre wave devices with frequency multipliers, modulation schemes and power conditioning boards.

The user simply has to supply an external 5V supply and digital connection. Various antenna options are available, the beam scanning is done with a Rotman lens, tracking with a mono-pulse arrangement and high gain applications with a horn, where a secondary reflector can easily be accommodated. The Rotman system, in its simplest form, has a single radiating aperture and a 3 to 6-beam receive antenna array; hence the distance and approximate location of the target is determined.

The horn arrangement is two antennas one for transmit and one for a receive.