Packaged modules and subsystems

Developing leading edge MMICs means Arralis can offer cutting edge modules and subsystems.

Our range of sub-systems are complete transceiver units at millimetre-wave frequencies with built in phased array beam scanning or fixed antenna. There are two systems available; tailored for Gb/s communications or high definition radar. The systems have built-in millimetre-wave devices with frequency multipliers, modulation schemes and power conditioning boards.

Various antenna options are available, the beam scanning is done with a Rotman lens, tracking with a mono-pulse arrangement and high gain applications with a horn, where a secondary reflector can easily be accommodated.

The Rotman lens produces an output dependent upon the received signal direction detected in its array. It can then transmit in the same direction, automatically, and is truly retrodirective. The Arralis patented version allows monopulse target tracking.