Arralis focuses on a number of key application domains for turnkey solutions in the following areas:

Space & Aerospace Test Systems

Arralis provides high performance test facilities, systems and sub-systems to Aerospace manufacturers and test centres. Our customers include high profile aircraft design and development companies as well as international space clients.
Focusing on end user needs, the equipment we supply in conjunction with our close partners, delivers high performance testing solutions for long term customer results. Electronic and mechanical solutions are customised according to client’s needs.
Some areas in which we provide expertise, include:

  • Motion simulators for flight simulation and pilot training
  • Flight test instrumentation
  • Aircraft instrumentation calibration and test equipment
  • Visual inspection mechanisms
  • Aerospace test chambers

High Reliability Components

Arralis co-designs, markets and supplies customers with high reliability components and modules. These products include SRAM memory products, Ultra Low Noise Amplifiers, Wide Band Amplifiers for Instrumentation and Space applications, Millimetre Wave Low Noise Amplifiers and Interface Circuits for High Speed Optical Fibre Systems.

Communications Test Systems

Arralis specialises in the design and manufacture of high performance, millimetre, microwave, RF systems and sub-systems for government and industrial customers. Arralis designs are highly focused on the development and production of extremely complex, integrated microwave assemblies including antennae, up and down-converters, demodulators and other high performance assemblies.

EMC Test Systems

Arralis has a strong, proven track record in the EMC domain. We supply customised turnkey solutions including the design and fabrication of anechoic chambers, various EMC test systems as well as the supply and installation of complex antennae test systems.
In the EMC domain, we are partners with the leading EMC specialists in the world, allowing us to integrate the best customer fit solutions.