Arralis Announces Packaged 10W GaN High Power Amplifier

Packaged 10W HPA for Satellite Communications

We are delighted to announce the launch of a packaged version of our successful GaN High Power Amplifier aimed at K-band satellite communications.

LE-K1330308-SM is a hermetically sealed 7x7mm QFN power amplifier operating from 17-20.5GHz. The part delivers over 10W of RF power, with PAE >25% and large signal gain of 20dB. The part is also available as an integrated module (LE-KM330308) with 2.4mm RF connectors, single 28V bias and onboard gate generation and sequencing. The module includes power and temperature detect output pins to facilitate system integration and telemetry. The module is a core element in the Arralis LE-KaCM-TRX100 transceiver system.

See full specification on the datasheet link below: