Arralis Leonis plug and play Ka band chipset. Unlock advanced capacity for mass consumer applications of on the go satellite communications.

This first of its kind Ka band chipset comprises all of the circuits required to build a K band satellite and ground front end that will connect easily with high power amplifiers and antennas. Ka band is considered the next big thing for satellite technology with its smaller antennas and ground terminals, as well as dramatically lowered costs.

The Leonis chipset was developed to meet the needs of the growing demand for low cost Ka band satellite equipment that is simple to interface with current digital internet hardware. Applications include 5G communications, airborne high speed Wi-Fi, low earth orbit mega constellation communications, drone constellations and SAT-Drone-Ground data networks, satellite to automotive connectivity, connected vehicles, last mile and remote internet solutions, and IoT and M2M communications.

Leonis Ka band Antenna

#TypeProduct CodeSpecificationFrequency
1Ka band AntennaLE-KaFP30000
Ka band Flat Panel Antenna
27 - 30GHz

Leonis Ka band Evaluation and Transceiver Boards

#TypeProduct CodeSpecificationFrequency
1PA Evaluation PCBLE-Ka1330306-BD_EVAL
Evaluation PCB for MMIC LE-Ka1330306 - Application Note
27 - 31GHz
2PA Evaluation PCBLE-Ka1330302-BD_EVAL
Evaluation PCB for MMIC LE-Ka1330302 - Application Note
17 - 21GHz
3LNA Evaluation PCBLE-Ka1320302-BD_EVAL
Evaluation PCB for MMIC LE-Ka1320302 - Application Note
17 - 31GHz
4Uplink TransceiverLE-KaTR-101
Integrated Transceiver Uplink Module for K/Ka-Band Frequencies
17-21, 27 - 31GHz Rx, GHz Tx
5Downlink TransceiverLE-KaTR-102
Integrated Transceiver Downlink Module for K/Ka-Band Frequencies
27-31, 17 - 21GHz Rx, GHz Tx
6Transceiver ModuleLE-KaCM-TRX100
Satellite Communications Transceiver Module - Single Channel
17 - 21, 27 - 31GHZ Tx, GHz Rx

Leonis Ka band MMICs

#TypeProduct CodeSpecificationFrequency
1D/C Core ChipLE-Ka1360305
GaAs PHEMT Downconverter Core Chip
27 - 31GHz
2High Power MMIC AmplifierLE-Ka1330303
GAN PHEMT High Power Amplifier
17.3 – 20.3GHz
3High Power MMIC AmplifierLE-K1330308
10W GaN MMIC High Power Amplifier
17.5 - 20GHz
4Osc / Sub Harm MixerLE-Ka1310301
GaAs PHEMT MMIC Voltage Controlled Oscillator
23.5 - 24.8GHz
5Osc / DividerLE-Ka1310304
GaAs PHEMT MMIC Voltage Controlled Oscillator
23.8 - 25GHz
GaAs PHEMT MMIC Frequency Divider
23.9 - 24.8GHz
GaAs PHEMT MMIC Low Noise Amplifier
17-21 & 27-31GHz
8Low Band PALE-Ka1330302
GaAs PHEMT MMIC Power Amplifier
17 - 21GHz
9High Band PALE-Ka1330306
GaAs PHEMT MMIC Power Amplifier
27 - 31GHz
10Low Band MixerLE-Ka1340301
GaAs Diode MMIC IQ Mixer
17 - 21GHz
11High Band MixerLE-Ka1340305
GaAs Diode MMIC IQ Mixer
27 - 31GHz
12Sub Harmonic MixerLE-Ka1340309
GaAs PHEMT MMIC Sub-Harmonic Mixer
22.5 - 25GHz
13x2 MultiplierLe-Ka1340316
GaAs Diode MMIC x2 Frequency Multiplier
30 - 46GHz
14U/C Core ChipLE-Ka1360301
GaAs PHEMT MMIC Upconverter Core Chip
17 - 21GHz
15D/C Core ChipLE-Ka1360302
GaAs PHEMT MMIC Downconverter Core Chip
17 - 21GHz
16Phase ShifterLE-Ka1360303
GaAs PHEMT MMIC Variable Phase Shifter
17U/C Core ChipLE-Ka1360304
GaAs PHEMT MMIC Upconverter Core Chip
27 - 31GHz
18Phase ShifterLE-Ka1360306
GaAs PHEMT MMIC Variable Phase Shifter
25.5 - 32.5GHz
19Phase Shifter / PALE-Ka1360307
GaAs PHEMT MMIC Phase Shifter with integrated Power Amp
27 - 32.5GHz
20Phase Shifter / PALE-Ka1360308
GaAs PHEMT MMIC Phase Shifter with integrated Power Amp
17 - 21GHz
GaAs Diode MMIC SPDT Switch
18 - 29GHz
22Packaged High Power AmplifierLE-K1330308-SM
10W GaN Packaged MMIC High Power Amplifier
17 - 20.5GHz