Unlock advanced capacity for mass consumer applications of on the go satellite communications with our K/Ka band chipset.

This first of its kind Ka band chipset comprises all of the circuits required to build a Ka band satellite and ground front end that will connect easily with high power amplifiers and antennas. Ka band is considered the next big thing for satellite technology with its smaller antennas and ground terminals, as well as dramatically lowered costs.

This chipset was developed to meet the needs of the growing demand for low cost Ka band satellite equipment that is simple to interface with current digital internet hardware. Applications include 5G communications, airborne high speed Wi-Fi, low earth orbit mega constellation communications, drone constellations and SAT-Drone-Ground data networks, satellite to automotive connectivity, connected vehicles, last mile and remote internet solutions, and IoT and M2M communications.

K/Ka band MMICs Power Amplifier

#TypeProduct CodeSpecificationFrequency
1Power Amplifier (GaAs). Prvsly LE-Ka1330302K-PA-1721 Gain 21dB | Pout 22.5dBm | Voltage 3V | Current 220mA 17 - 21GHz
2Power Amplifier (GaAs). Prvsly LE-Ka1330306Ka-PA-2731 Gain 23.5dB | Pout 20.9dBm | Voltage 3V | Current 210mA 27 - 31GHz
310W High Power Amplifier (GaN). Prvsly LE-K1330308K-HPA10W-1721 Psat 10W | Gain 20dB | Voltage 20-30V | Drain Current 2.5A 17 - 20.5GHz
4Packaged 10W High Power Amp (GaN). Prvsly LE-K1330308-SMK-HPA10W-1721-SM Psat 10W | Gain 20dB | Voltage 20-30V | Drain Current 2.5A 17 - 20.5GHz

K/Ka band MMICs Low Noise Amplifier

#TypeProduct CodeSpecificationFrequency
1Low Noise Amplifier (GaAs). prvsly LE-Ka1320302KKa-LNA-1929 Gain 20dB | Noise Figure 2.5dB | Voltage 4V | Current 41mA 17 - 21GHz & 27 - 31GHz

K/Ka band MMICs Oscillator and Divider

#TypeProduct CodeSpecificationFrequency
1Voltage Controlled Oscillator (GaAs). Prvsly LE-Ka1310301K-VCO-2325 Pout >3dBm | Output Freq 12.2GHz | Voltage 3V | Current 40mA 23.5 - 24.8GHz
2Voltage Controlled Oscillator (GaAs). Prvsly LE-Ka1310304K-VCO-2324 Pout 15dBm | F/2 Freq 11.875GHz | Voltage 3V | Current <95mA 23.8 - 25GHz
3Frequency Divider (GaAs). Prvsly LE-Ka1310307K-FD-2325 Pout >3dBm | Output Freq 12.2GHz | Voltage 3V | Current 40mA 23.9 - 24.8GHz

K/Ka band MMICs Mixers

#TypeProduct CodeSpecificationFrequency
1I/Q Mixer (GaAs). Prvsly LE-Ka1340301K-IQM-1721 LO Freq 24GHz | IF Freq 2-7GHz | Conversion Loss 10dB | LO Drive 13dBm 17 - 21GHz
2I/Q Mixer (GaAs). Prvsly LE-Ka1340305Ka-IQM-2731 LO Freq 24GHz | IF Freq 5.4GHz | Conversion Loss 15dB | LO Drive 13dBm 27 - 31GHz
3Sub-Harmonic Mixer (GaAs). Prvsly LE-Ka1340309K-SHM-2225 LO Freq 12GHz | IF Freq 3.2GHz | Conversion Loss 15.5dB | LO Drive Level <10dBm 22.5 - 25GHz

K/Ka band MMICs Multiplier and Switch

#TypeProduct CodeSpecificationFrequency
1x2 Multiplier (GaAs). Prvsly LE-Ka1340316Ka-x2M-3046 Times x2 | Input Freq 15-23GHz | Pout 7dBm 30 - 46GHz (Output)
2SPDT Switch (GaAs). Prvsly LE-Ka1401507Ka-SPDT-1829 Insertion Loss 2dB | Isolation 15dB | Return Loss 10dB 18 - 29GHz

K/Ka band MMICs Up/Downconverters

#TypeProduct CodeSpecificationFrequency
1Downconverter (GaAs). Prvsly LE-Ka1360302K-DC-1721 Input Frequency 17-21GHz | Conversation >6dB 3 - 7 GHz (Output)
2Downconverter (GaAs). Prvsly LE-Ka1360305Ka-DC-2731 Input Frequency 17-21GHz | Conversation >5dB 3 - 7GHz (Output)
3Upconverter (GaAs). Prvsly LE-Ka1360301K-UC-1721 Input Frequency 3-7GHz | Gain 10dB | Psat 20dBm 17 - 21GHz (Output)
4Upconverter (GaAs). Prvsly LE-Ka1360304Ka-UC-2731 Input Frequency 3-7GHz | Gain 10dB | Psat 20dBm 27 - 31GHz (Output)

K/Ka band MMICs Phase Shifters

#TypeProduct CodeSpecificationFrequency
1Phase Shifter (GaAs). Prvsly LE-Ka1360303K-PS-1721 Insertion Loss 6dB | Return Loss 9dB | Phase 350° 17-21GHz
2Phase Shifter (GaAs). Prvsly LE-Ka1360306Ka-PS-2533 Insertion Loss 7dB | Return Loss 5dB | Phase 360° 25.5 - 32.5GHz
3Phase Shifter with PA (GaAs). Prvsly LE-Ka1360307Ka-PSPA-2733 Gain 17dB | Psat 20dBm | Input Return Loss 5dB | Phase 360° 27 - 32.5GHz
4Phase Shifter with PA (GaAs). Prvsly LE-Ka1360308K-PSPA-1721 Gain 15dB | Psat 22.5dBm | Input Return Loss 10dB | Phase 360° 17 - 21GHz

K/Ka band Transceiver Modules

#TypeProduct CodeSpecificationFrequency
1K/Ka Uplink Transceiver. Prvsly LE-KaTR-103KKa-TR-UL-1929 Tx IF Freq 1-5GHz | Rx IF Freq 1-5GHz | Tx Pout >20dBm Rx 17-21 GHz | Tx 27-31 GHz
2K/Ka Downlink Transceiver. Prvsly LE-KaTR-104KKa-TR-DL-1929 Tx IF Freq 2.2-4.2GHz | Rx IF Freq 1.5-4GHz | Tx Pout >20Bm Tx 18.2-20.2 GHz | Rx 27.5-30 GHz
3Ku - Downlink Transceiver. Prvsly LE-KuTR-102Ku-TR-DL-1113 Tx LO Freq 13.7GHz | Rx LO Freq 11.75GHz | Tx Pout >20dBm Tx 10.7 - 12.7 GHz | Rx 12.75 - 14.75 GHz
4K/Ka Single Channel Transceiver. Prvsly LE-KaCM-TRX100KKa-TR-SC-1929 Tx In Freq 1.4-2.5GHz | Rx Out Freq 0.9-3.6GHz | Tx Pout >11dBm Tx 17-21 GHz | Rx 27-31 GHz

K/Ka band Antenna

#TypeProduct CodeSpecificationFrequency
1Ka band Antenna. Prvsly LE-KaFP30000Ka-FPA-2730 Gain 20 dBI | Polarisation LHCP or RHCP 27 - 30GHz