The Arralis E band chipset is primarily aimed at the automotive radar applications with wide frequency ranges from 76-81GHz. When used with our patented monopulse Rotman lens, wide beam scanning radars can be designed with multiple target discrimination, high speed tracking and ultra-fine resolution both angular and range. Unlike silicon products, the GaAs substrate allows very low noise and sufficient power to achieve radar ranges in excess of 300 metres.

The E Band range of MMICs are fabricated on 0.1um PHEMT GaAs process that optimises noise and power to give a high reliability, low noise and high-power chipset.

The range includes low noise amplifiers, power amplifiers, gain blocks and frequency multipliers. In addition, there are a range of mixers, IQ mixers and multi-path MMIC switches, all low loss and fabricated on a Schottky diode GaAS process.

Corvus E band MMICs

# Type Product Code Specification Frequency
1 PA CO-E1330301 GaAs PHEMT MMIC Power Amplifier 77 - 81GHz
2 LNA CO-E1320303 GaAs PHEMT MMIC Low Noise Amplifier 75 - 90GHz
3 Dual LNA CO-E1320304 Dual Channel GaAs PHEMT MMIC Low Noise Amplifier 71 - 86GHz
4 LNA CO-E1320305 GaAs PHEMT MMIC Low Noise Amplifier 77 - 82GHz
5 Dual LNA CO-E1320306 Dual Channel GaAs PHEMT MMIC Low Noise Amplifier 77 - 82GHz
6 SB IQ Mixer CO-E1340302 GaAs Diode MMIC IQ Mixer 76.5 - 81GHz
7 DB IQ Mixer CO-E1340303 GaAs Diode MMIC DDBM IQ Mixer 76 - 81GHz
8 x4 Multiplier CO-E1340314 GaAs Diode MMIC x4 Frequency Multiplier 72 - 88GHz
9 x2 Multiplier CO-E1340315 GaAs Diode MMIC x2 Frequency Multiplier 60 - 85GHz
10 Mixer CO-E1340317 GaAs Diode MMIC Single Balanced Mixer 76 - 81GHz
11 Ring Mixer CO-E1340318 GaAs Diode MMIC Balanced Ring Mixer 76 - 81GHz
12 SP8T CO-E1401504 GaAs Diode MMIC SP8T Switch 76 - 81GHz
13 SP4T CO-E1401505 GaAs Diode MMIC SP4T Switch 76 - 81GHz
14 1SPDT CO-E1401506 GaAs Diode MMIC SPDT Switch 76 - 81GHz

Corvus E band Radar

# Type Product Code Specification Frequency
1 3d Scanning Radar CO-ETR-102 3d Beam Scanning, High Resolution Radar 76 - 77GHz