Leonis Ka band QFN Package


GaAs PHEMT MMIC Voltage Controlled Oscillator, QFN, 23.8-25 GHz

LE-Ka1330304Q is a PHEMT MMIC Voltage Controlled Oscillator mounted within a QFN package. By varying the tuning voltage between 0.4 and 1.6V, frequencies from 23.8GHz to 25GHz can be covered. The LE-Ka1330304Q provides a constant 14dBm output power over all tuning voltages, and runs from a 3V supply with currents <115mA.

With an integrated frequency divider, LE-Ka1330304Q also provides an additional output signal at F/2, with power levels reaching >3dBm for simple adoption into PLL circuitry. By coming within a 6 x 5mm QFN package, the device offers excellent RF performance and is fully RoHS compliant. The LE-Ka1310304 MMIC is available as a bare die version of this part.

  • GaAs PHEMT MMIC Voltage Controlled Oscillator, QFN
  • VCO24-25GHz
  • LE-Ka1330304Q
  • 14dB Output Power
We developed this chipset based on the requirments and feedback of you, our customers. We are always seeking to build and improve our offering so please talk to us about your future needs.
Yulung Tang, MMIC Designer