Corvus: E Band Overview

The Arralis E band chipset is primarily aimed at the automotive radar applications with wide frequency ranges from 76-81GHz. When used with our patented monopulse Rotman lens, wide beam scanning radars can be designed with multiple target discrimination, high speed tracking and ultra-fine resolution both angular and range. Unlike silicon products, the GaAs substrate allows very low noise and sufficient power to achieve radar ranges in excess of 300 metres.

The E Band range of MMICs are fabricated on 0.1um PHEMT GaAs process that optimises noise and power to give a high reliability, low noise and high-power chipset.

The range includes low noise amplifiers, power amplifiers, gain blocks and frequency multipliers. In addition, there are a range of mixers, IQ mixers and multi-path MMIC switches, all low loss and fabricated on a Schottky diode GaAS process.

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We developed this chipset based on the requirements and feedback of you, our customers. We are always seeking to build and improve our offering so please talk to us about your future needs.
Yulung Tang, MMIC Designer