Tucana 94GHz Antenna


The TU-RT94-12 is a Rotman Lens antenna optimised for use in the 92-96 GHz band. The assembly is milled out of high quality low loss materials to realise a waveguide module.


  • Complete Waveguide Assembly

  • Low Sidelobes

  • Excellent directivity

  • Matching Switch and Horn Modules

Tucana Antenna

  • 12 Beam Rotman Lens Antenna
  • 12/1292-96GHz
  • TU-WRT94-12-12
  • Gain 13dB Typical
  • 6 Beam Rotman Lens Antenna
  • 6/1092-96GHz
  • TU-WRT94-6-10
  • Gain 14dB Typical