Tucana: 94GHz Chipset

The Arralis Tucana range of multi-stage MMIC devices are fabricated on a robust gallium arsenide 50um substrate. The devices are supplied as die and enable the realisation of a complete 92-96GHz radar system front end with C/X band inputs and W-band outputs. All bond pads and the die backside are Ti/Au metallised, with a fully passivated amplifier elsewhere.

The MMICs are all compatible with conventional die attach methods, as well as thermo-compression and thermosonic wire bonding, making them ideal for MCM and hybrid microcircuit applications. All data shown herein is measured with the chip in a 50 Ohm environment and contacted with RF probes.

Tucana Devices

  • Low Noise Amplifier
  • LNA92-96GHz
  • TU-W1320301
  • 25dB gain, 5dB Noise Figure
  • Medium Power Amplifier
  • MPA92-96GHz
  • TU-W1330301
  • 13dB gain, 10dBm P3 Output
  • Medium Power Amplifier
  • MPA95-105GHz
  • TU-W1330303
  • >20dB Gain, >16dBm P3 Output
  • Power Amplifier
  • PA89-93GHz
  • TU-W1330306
  • 13 dB Gain, >18dBm Psat
  • x4 Multiplier
  • x488-95GHz
  • TU-W1340304
  • 3 dB Conversion Loss
  • x4 or x8 Multiplier
  • x4/x886-92GHz
  • TU-W1340309
  • 86-92 GHz (x4), 86.6-90.6 GHz (x8)
  • Power Amplifier
  • PA92-96GHz
  • TU-W1330305
  • 20dB Gain, 18dBm Psat
  • Mixer (GaAs Diode)
  • Mixer92-96GHz
  • TU-W1340307
  • >17dB Conversion Loss, >25dB LO-RF Isolation
  • Mixer (Downconverter)
  • Mixer92-96GHz
  • TU-W1340308
  • <4dB conversion loss, 40dBc 2nd Harmonic
  • Mixer (Image Cancellation)
  • Mixer92-96GHz
  • TU-W1340310
  • 15dB Conversion Loss, 13dBm LO Drive
  • Downconvertor Core Chip
  • DCC93-96GHz
  • TU-W1360303
  • 3-6GHz Output, 5dB Gain
  • SPDT Switch
  • SPDT90-100GHz
  • TU-W1401502
  • <4dB Insertion Loss,~30dB Isolation
  • SP3T Switch
  • SP3T90-110GHz
  • TU-W1401503
  • 6dB Insertion Loss, 10dB Return Loss
  • Attenuator/SPST Switch
  • SPST90-100GHz
  • TU-W1401601
  • 2-25dB Attenuation Range
  • Upconverter Core Chip
  • UCC92-96GHz
  • TU-W1360302
  • 2-6GHz Input, <4dB Conversion Loss
  • x4 Multiplier
  • x485-90GHz
  • TU-W1340312
  • 30dB Conversion Loss, 13dBm Drive Level


  • Power Amplifier 92-96GHz 19dBm Output
  • Low Noise Amplifier 20dB Gain,
  • x4 Multiplier with 10dBm Output Power
  • UpConverter with DC-6GHz IF
  • Downconverter with 3dB Conversion Gain
  • SPST and SPDT Switches with 2dB Insertion Loss

Our Capability Offering

Customer success is our success. That is why we are delighted to work with end-users to ensure successful device integration. We can also offer sub-system design support. Talk to us about your requirements.
Dr. Denver Humphrey, Chief MMIC Designer