Arralis is a leader in advanced millimetre wave technology. We operate in the communications, satellite, aerospace and defence markets with innovative monolithic microwave integrated circuits (mmics), packaged modules, sub- systems and complete high definition radars and satellite receivers.

Our business model is to design and build every part of a radar or communication system from the devices through modules, sub-systems, systems and innovative antennas. We hold patents in antennas and exceptionally low loss waveguide transitions up to 110GHz.

We have a highly skilled design team, more than 60% of our operation are engineers; most are PhD educated.

We have locations in UK, Ireland and USA; in Florida we are building an ITAR compliant design and production facility.

Our History

Arralis was founded in Limerick, Ireland, late 2013 by Mike Gleaves and Barry Lunn. Today we are global with independent business units in the UK, USA and Ireland.

We have rapidly built a leading millimetre wave company and have been awarded several prestigious contracts with the likes of the European Space Agency, UK MoD, Airbus, Boeing, General Motors to name a few. We have a team of highly skilled and dedicated engineers and supporting professionals – we are always looking for the very best people to join us and become part of the phenomenon. Our team comprises talented people from all over the world and uniquely for an engineering company, half of the management team are female.

Management Team

Mike Gleaves


Jo Bown

Head of HR & Corporate Administration

Keith Kerley

Head of Marketing & Communications

Marie Bourke

Head of Quality

Stuart Smith

Head of Engineering

Stuart Hepburn

Head of Sales

Maurice O’Connell

Head of Production

Emilie Wren

VP, US Operations

Marian Bidmead

Head of Finance