Arralis announces new Ka band phase shifters

New products unlock flat beam-steering antenna capability for 5G and on the go satellite communications

Space Tech Expo, Pasadena, CA, May 22nd, 2018:  Irish company Arralis, world leaders in building technology and products that are the future of global radar & wireless communications, today announced their new high-frequency analogue phase shifter MMIC products which allow >360 degree analog phase variation with low insertion loss covering two satellite Ka bands, 17-21GHz and 25.5-32.5GHz.

The product is ideal to track fast moving low earth orbit satellites because it is analog and has continuous phase variation, a great advantage over conventional digital phase shifters. The extended frequency range of the upper band chip is also suitable for the proposed 5G band and will be ideal for beam steering base stations. In addition, the added benefit of simplified assembly is possible as these chips are available with an integrated power amplifier.

This development is of great benefit to designers of Connected and Autonomous Vehicle and 5G systems as now a simple, reliable and flat beam steering and continuous tracking antenna can be realised. According to Mike Gleaves, the Arralis Group CTO, “at Space Tech we’ll be showing people our antenna solution, and highlighting how our new MMIC phase-shifters allow the development of high frequency electronically steerable flat antennas. We have in essence developed the technology that allows users to continuously track and communicate with Low-Earth-Orbit (LEO) satellites in a form that can be easily placed within, or on the roof of a vehicle, aircraft, satellite or just about anywhere.”

This release completes the most extensive range of Ka band chips, aimed at the 17-21GHz and 27-31GHz mega-constellation frequency bands on the market. The full range, fabricated on a space qualified process, includes […]

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Arralis speaking at Mobility X Conference 2018

Former Arralis CEO, Barry Lunn, will be speaking at this year’s Mobility X Conference which takes place at Iveagh House in Dublin on Thursday 10th May. Barry’s session which begins at 3.30pm will cover the topic of radars and autonomous vehicles.

This one-day public conference is a unique opportunity to meet numerous self-driving car industry executives – from disruptive start-ups and CEOs of leading global corporations to technology investment groups – through inspiring speeches and personalised meetings. Network and learn from most innovative companies in the self-driving car industry. Learn about the safety of autonomous cars, how they will disrupt traditional industries like insurance, transportation and more, learn how soon self-driving cars be on our roads in Ireland, and what opportunities are there for companies in Ireland to take advantage of the changes coming to the automotive and transportation industry.

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