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    Arralis wins The Irish Times Innovation of the Year Award 2016

Arralis wins The Irish Times Innovation of the Year Award 2016

The Irish Times Innovation Awards proved a very successful event for Arralis this year, winning the IT and Telecommunications Award as well as the overall prize for Innovation of the Year for its 94GHz radar chipset. Arralis’ 94GHz radar chipset has a wide range of applications including aiding unmanned landings by spacecraft, drone guidance systems, air defence systems, airport radar, driverless cars as well as internet and next generation 5G telecommunications.

The awards ceremony which took place on the 5th of October at the Royal Hospital Kilmainham in Dublin, showcased Ireland’s top innovative talent in the various sectors and had received applications from over 300 companies. The event was attended by over 220 people which included Mary Mitchell O’Connor, Ireland’s Minister for Job, Enterprise and Innovation.

Speaking from the event, company CEO Barry Lunn said, “to be recognised as the “Innovation of the Year” by such a distinguished panel of judges and the paper of record is a real honour for Arralis. Denver and team took on an immense technical challenge and conquered it and I’m delighted they’ve gotten this award from their innovative peers. Within an hour of winning we had messages of support from customers in the US and Asia which proves local recognition can lead to global impact”

As overall winner, Arralis will receive a communications and advertising package from The Irish Times worth in excess of €150,000, as well as a UCD Smurfit Business School scholarship for an Executive Education programme commencing in 2017.

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    Arralis launches new W band devices at European Microwave Week, London

Arralis launches new W band devices at European Microwave Week, London

Today Arralis, the world leading W band device manufacturer, has added a number of new MMIC devices to its extensive product range. The new power amplifier, image cancellation mixer and variable attenuator come in response to new advance system requirements.

Arralis designs and manufactures high frequency semiconductor chips, modules and antennas up to and beyond 110GHz.

TU-W1330305 is a 4-stage MMIC power amplifier that covers frequencies from 92GHz to 96GHz. The TU-W1330305 provides up to 20dB of flat, stable gain, and a power output of more than 18dBm from a 4V supply voltage and remarkably low current at just 210mA.

Image Cancellation MMIC Mixer, 92 – 96GHz
TU-W1340310 is an I/Q MMIC diode mixer with integrated quadrature coupler for single sideband upconverter operation. TU-W1340310 is fabricated using GaAs Shottky diode technology and is designed for output frequencies in the range from 92GHz to 96GHz using either fixed IF and varying LO (86GHz – 90GHz) or fixed LO and varying IF (2GHz – 6GHz) signals, The circuit employs a double rat race configuration to effectively cancel image signals without filtering and offers superior signal to noise performance.

GaAs PHEMT MMIC Attenuator/ SPST Switch, 90 – 100GHz
The TU-W1401601 is a GaAs PHEMT diode based SPST switch and variable attenuator with a single input and output. The attenuation value may be adjusted to any value within the specified attenuation range. The chip is manufactured on a 50um substrate with 100um gate length. All bond pads and the die underside are gold plated. The control voltage ranges from +1.5V to -1.5V, the latter giving maximum attenuation

A packaged version of each device is also available with WR10 waveguide input and output on request.

Speaking from the European Microwave Week in London Arralis CTO, Mike Gleaves […]

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