Irish Prime Minister/An Taoiseach congratulates Arralis on €400,000 multi-system radar contract from the European Space Agency

Today, An Taoiseach, Enda Kenny TD was on hand to observe the signing of a significant European Space Agency contract awarded to Arralis, a technology company servicing the aerospace sector, founded and based in Limerick. The contract signing took place during the Enterprise Ireland Trade and Investment Mission to the Netherlands and Germany and is an extension of previous work for the agency, where Arralis successfully delivered their world beating semiconductor technology.

Arralis designs and manufactures high frequency semiconductor chips, modules and antennas up to and beyond 110GHz. As part of this contract Arralis will deliver a series of 94GHz subsystems with space end-use applications, such as massive data rate satellite to satellite communications and unmanned landing of spacecraft.

Speaking from the European Space Research and Technology Centre in the Netherlands, An Taoiseach said, “We are seeing a steady increase in the number of companies in Ireland engaging with ESA in developing technologies for the global space market with the active support of Enterprise Ireland.  ESA is at the heart of Europe’s space ambitions and it is inspiring to see Irish companies like Arralis contribute to the new technologies that are in demand by the space industry and which form the foundations of European Space programmes now and in the future”.

The 94GHz communications system developed, by Arralis, will allow future spacecraft to communicate at speeds that to date, have been unattainable. The explosion in data gathering by space probes, including high resolution imagery and video, has created a requirement for massive wireless data rate communications. With 3.17 billion worldwide data hungry internet users, demand is also steadily increasing for improved access. Back on […]