Tucana: 94GHz Modules

The Arralis Tucana range of modules consist of individual function modules (HPA, MPA, LNA, X4) as well as 92-96GHz Transmit and Receive modules with convenient WR10 antenna connections and SMA x-band connections for signal inputs and outputs.

The transmitter and receiver sub-systems enable rapid breadboard of radar products.

Tucana Modules

  • TX
  • TX92-96GHz
  • TU-WTX-100
  • 18dBm Output, ~11 or 22GHz LO, 4-8 GHz IF
  • TX (LP)
  • TX (LP)92-96GHz
  • TU-WTX-100-01
  • 10dBm Output, 11 or 22GHz LO 4-8 GHz IF
  • RX
  • RX92-96GHz
  • TU-WRX-100
  • 6dB Noise Figure, 11 or 22GHz LO 4-8GHz IF
  • PA
  • PA92-96GHz
  • TU-WM330305
  •         20dB Gain, 18dBm Output                                                                
  • MPA
  • MPA92-96GHz
  • TU-WM330302
  •         20dB Gain, 10dBm Output                                                                
  • LNA
  • LNA92-96GHz
  • TU-WM330301
  •         20dB Gain, 6dB Noise Figure                                                                
  • X4
  • X486-92GHz
  • TU-WM340304
  • Output, ~22GHz Input, 15dBm Output Max, 4dB Conversion Loss


  • Recieve Module with WR10 waveguide connection. Local Oscillator input ~11 or 22GHz. IF output frequency DC-6GHz. Noise figure better than 6dB.
  • Transmitter module, two forms; low and high power. 10-18dBm Output power, 4-8GHz IF

Our Capability Offering

Modules can offer an easier gateway to our customers product development and bread-boarding. We also develop multiple custom modules for specific customer requests. The fact that we produce MMICs and Modules under the one roof gives us a significant edge over our competitors. We like to pass this edge on to our customers
Mike Gleaves, Group CTO